B.D.S.A. Print
Product Name:Benzedine – Disulphonic Acid (B.D.S.A.)
Chemical Name: 4-4’ diamino diphenyl 2-2’ disulphonic acid
 :Benzedine 2-2’disulphonic acid
Chemical Formula:C12H12S2O6N2
Molecular weight:344 gm / mole
CAS No:117-61-3
Purity by nitrite value:70 % minimum
Appearance:Off White Or Pink To Yellow Amorphous Powder
Isomer content:Metanilic acid less than 0.5 % tested on TLC
Insoluble:less than 0.2%
Solubility:Soluble In Soda Ash & Caustic Solution
Applications:intermediate for reactive he Series
  Acid Dyes & Pigments
  he dyes: yellow 84, orange 84
  Acid dyes: red 97, 144 Orange 56, 42, 87
Packing:25/50 kg packed in H.D.P.E. Woven
  Bags with polyethylene liner inside